Eugene V. Debs, pre,during, after WWI "era"

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Eugene V. Debs, pre,during, after WWI "era"

Post by South » 21 Apr 2019 14:27 ... alist.html

Good morning all,

Per ...

Head Notes:

HN 1: Author Isserman's Hamilton College has been mentioned here at AHF.

HN 2: The lead picture of the campaign pins ... Historians salivating at this picture validate Pavlov's dog experiments. The pins ARE history.

Article mentions Helen Keller, an American national commentator. At 2 yo, she became blind. Father was an officer in Confederate Army.

Note term "freethinking".

An important - and neglected - aspect of US history is the labor movement. "Craft unionism" represented the skilled workers - as per how "skills" were defined. "Industrial unionism" represented the unskilled workers - again, as how this was defined.

I forgot who the mentioned Margaret Sanger was.

Note: [Pullman Strike of 1894] "The strike was broken by federal troops". From memory, believe about 30 RR workers killed mostly in Chicago. Grover Cleveland was President.

Not discussed in article,.. after WWI, President Wilson refused to pardon or commute Debs' prison sentence. Although Wilson's Attorney General Palmer - famous for "Palmer Raids" with his deputy J. Edgar Hoover - recommended the pardon, Wilson thought it would interfere with the peace treaty and related. In 1921 President Harding commuted Debs' sentence circa end of 1921.

Foot Note:

Those campaign pins.......much, much history.

~ Bob

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Re: Eugene V. Debs, pre,during, after WWI "era"

Post by Gorque » 22 Apr 2019 00:08

An interesting article regarding the political repression, as well as others, that took place then.

Antinomianism. A new word learned. My day is complete. :)

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