Cold War NATO

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Cold War NATO

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Good morning all,

Per ...

Article has some current matters. Please do not comment on any current events eg the mentioned "four issues, Narva, Estonia, President Trump.

The author of article is a prominent historian.

Perhaps it's just writing style, but "more significantly", than protecting eg the UK or Italy, "has been critical to protecting the "fledgling democracies" ?

Regarding Cold War NATO's objectives, Lord Ismay's quote is in article: "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down".

NATO's Article 5 is discussed. It's history is not. In NATO history, France had withdrawn from military NATO and never returned to the NATO Nuclear Planning Group. The implications ... the consequences ... When's the next Sabena flight to nuclear free zone New Zealand where we can be safe ?

Note the article's humor - or perhaps a better choice of word for description: "U.S. troops ... would act as a tripwire,.."

Note the use of the word "symbolically".

The article does tell of the overall political philosophical principle that caused more than cold sweats; "joining European manpower and ... to ... Soviet complex ... have altered the balance of power".

The above political philosophy is semi-offset by the humor: " element in US politics". Cold sweats and headaches still present.


A very minor "element in US politics" traced to Cold War NATO: Would US troops in Europe be provided with dairy products from A+ quality Danish dairy farms in proximity to US forces or provided from diary farms in Wisconsin, USA ? Researching this is as complex and fatiguing as the study of Article 5.

~ Bob

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