Deutsches Verbindungskommando (DVK) 40, 1941

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Deutsches Verbindungskommando (DVK) 40, 1941

Post by CNE503 » 04 May 2019 13:21


In May 1941, 29 German liaison staffs were attached to the same number of Romanian units. For instance, Deutsches Verbindungskommando 1 was attached to 3rd Army HQ, DVK 2 to 4th Army HQ, DVK 3 to 3rd Army Corps HQ, DVK 8 to Mountain Corps HQ, DVK 11 to Guard Division HQ, DVK to 1st mixed Mountain Brigade HQ, etc, etc, until DVK 38 attached to 1st Fortress Brigade HQ and DVK 39 attached to 2nd Fortress Brigade one.

German documents listed a DVK 40, but I don't know what was the unit it was attached to. Is anyone able to help me to find it out?
Thank you.

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