Vril and Thule Societies

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Vril and Thule Societies

Post by JWW427 » 23 Jul 2019 20:27

Dear members,

although I read and learn much more here on the forum than post (thank you all for that), I would like to finally tell my small family story regarding the Nazi Thule and Vril Societies and Project PAPERCLIP. Yes, this can be considered a "conspiracy theory" by many, but I assure you that in my opinion there is much more to this topic than we are told in history books. Much more.

The two societies can trace their esoteric roots back to 1850's era Prussia, especially Silesia. Scientists in Prussia back then were very spiritual "Philosopher Scientists," and clearly understood alchemical secrets of all ages. The Nordic pagan lore and the concept of "Vril" energy, (Chi, prana, etc.) was a big deal. Hence the concept of the "Philosopher's Stone." Prussia also had many very good technical schools. Prussian royalty had plenty of money. Politicians dreamed of a unified Germany. A marriage made in Valhalla. How do I know all this? Because my Grandad got me started on the proto-Nazi trail back when I took military history at UVA in 1985. The tangled roots of National Socialism goes way, way back as you all know. The secret societies were important esoteric think tanks and spiritual guidance factories. History books don't mention much about them, and I think that's on purpose.

The Vril and Thule societies were linked, and they unofficially chose Hitler after one member––Baron Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff––saw him give a passionate speech. They thought Adolph could be a messiah figure for them to promote. peaceful advancement for Germany in politics and "new" ancient technology. Hitler soon thought otherwise. At this time in 1919, Rudolph Hess was already a Thule Society member.

Is everyone's field boots connecting? Cuff bands sewn on tight? Uniforms crisp? Here we go, kameraden...

My grandfather, Paul Mellon, was a US Army cavalry officer under Patton, and later an OSS member in WW2 with his brother in law David K.E. Bruce and friend Allen Dulles. (JFK fame). Dulles was Station Chief in Switzerland. Bruce was London's. The OSS wanted smart, conservative, and very well-educated personnel who were well-traveled, especially in Europe. Especially in Germany. Multilingual.
Wild Bill Donovan was a family friend. Patton and George Marshall were my Grandad's fox hunting pals in VA. This was a high falutin' OSS group that included Carl Jung, Julia Child, and Moe Berg the Red Sox player! Famed psychologist Carl Jung, a good friend of my mystic grandmother Mary Mellon, was tasked by Dulles to perform a psychological make-up of the Nazi top brass and Hitler. We all know how that went, coo-coo crazy for Cocoa Puffs, the lot of them. By Dulles admired the Nazis and their diligent handiwork a bit too much for my taste.


NOTE: By the by, Paul's Dad was Andrew Mellon, former Sec. of the Treasury. He owned half of ALCOA aluminum, and they sold plenty to Germany in the 1930's for all those nifty Heinkels and Messerschmitts. Gulf Oil too. Andrew supported Hitler publicly along with his friends: pilot Charles Lindburgh, Henry Ford, and Prescott Bush, father of Presidents George Bush and son. This gets eerily chummy all right...

Paul told me that in 1945, that he, Dulles, and Patton were all in Pilzen when 3rd Army liberated the town in April-May. The SS had their top secret SS-E4 technology division there at the Skoda Werke under SS General Hans Kammler. IKE had told Patton that at the Yalta Conference, Prague and all of Czech were promised to the Russians in a secret deal with FDR and Stalin. Patton was furious! He wanted to take Berlin not lowly Pilzen, but IKE was adamant. There was much top secret treasure there. This operation finally resulted in Project PAPERCLIP. I was told we obtained 5000+ scientists and engineers, not 1500. Plus train loads of documents and advanced gear. Shit tons of it.


Grandad said he flew on a long-range DC-6 cargo-liner with all that stuff back to the US via Iceland in 1946 to Wright Field in Ohio where we had the Foreign Technology Division. The SS personnel were taken to Texas. Eight planes in total, 12 trips. He also said that the Thule and Vril Societies were real-deal under the occult-loving Himmler's thumb, and we got many of those theoretical physicists and engineers as well, ones involved in non-linear physics and Unified Field Theory. The SS Thule/Vril scientists invented transistors, Zuse tape computers, chemical lasers at IG Farben (Oh yes they did!), a crude, thorium-based 2 kiloton nuke (One wonders if they used one on the Russians given the high casualty rate), thermobaric fuel-air rockets (Ditto), basic antigravity tech (See: physicist Walter Gerlach), radar-guided missiles, sound vibration weapons using frequency, and weaponized SCALAR radar. The US Military and corporate contractors later said they invented all that gear. Oh? Really? Seriously? Hey, let's give old Jerry some credit here, folks.

Achtung! The entire General Gehlen intelligence operation (Russian front) was brought to the US wholesale, and was quietly integrated into the newly-formed CIA. This was to thwart the many Russian aggressions, or at least it tried to over the years. Grandad said Gehlen was a real prick. A psychopath's dream.The Nazis were a pain to get along with. Sound familiar?

The US Army G2 was tasked with this Pilzen operation, as was British MI6 and the OSS as well.
Grandad said Hans Kammler escaped to San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina via the ratlines via Barcelona, then by U-Boat (Or possibly on the missing JU-390). He lived there in relative luxury. (Another prick). It was rumored he showed up at NASA in 1964 under another name to meet with Kurt Debus. Kammler had the highest clearance in Germany by 1944 said Grandad, and the SS had unlimited funding streams all along. This may be why Donitz never had enough resources for more U-Boats, or the Wehrmacht's lack of certain equipment.

Funny story. All the Germans at NASA drove big black Mercedes S Klasse sedans on a "standard NASA military salary." They had very nice housing too. Hmm...I suspect Bormann's gold fund in Buenos Aires at Banco National. My Grandad always drove the same. Always a big Mercedes.(OK, I do too but mine's blue).
American personnel were furious and resentful, especially when former enemies bossed them around.
In 1958, the German Paperclip guys demanded that NASA be in Huntsville AL and Houston TX because minorities knew their place in the deep south at that time. This was written in their contracts. My Grandad laughed at this story when he told it to me after several stiff martinis. I didn't think it was funny at all. No African-Americans were to address any German whatsoever, verbally or otherwise. Jewish personnel too. You get the picture.

Paul went on to help Dulles create the CIA and NSA with private funding from their friend Nelson Rockefeller, the Bush family, and Richard Mellon Scaife, etc. etc. (Congress was cash strapped from the war.) President Truman approved it in the 1947 National Security Act. Many former Nazis and SS and Thule/Vril men went into corporations (Bell Labs, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing Defense), the MIC, big banks, and NASA as we well know. Guys like Walter Dornberger (X-Planes) and Kurt Debus (Electrical plasma engineer and #2 at NASA) and Von Braun. Many big corporations had guys on their boards with German names. Board membership was part of the deal and guaranteed in writing. Contracts were, and still are, everything. So are National Security protocols.

I have discussed all this with my father over the decades, retired US Senator John W. Warner of VA. (US Navy in WW2, US Marine in Korea. Chairman of The Armed Services Committee, SECNAV 1972-74). He said he knew about a great deal of it, but neither I or he can verify much of the story with hard documents---the Pentagon folks said it's all still hush-hush, in so many words. This was, and is, all still highly classified. But why in this day and age, I ask of everyone here? Why? Please comment with gusto as I will value all of your opinions.

Lastly, my Grandad has four bronze stars and multitudes of classified documents at the CIA that former intel family members have confirmed to me. Wow, that's not suspicious. He also had an Iron Cross in a glass frame in his den. (?)
Anyway, it's a fun story...just thought I'd share it. See his photo with his horse at FT Riley Kansas, 1941.

John W. Warner IV
Historian and writer

P.S. Ask yourselves why my dear friend and third cousin Chris Mellon (The former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence) is involved with the Pentagon's and the US Navy's gun camera UFO disclosure campaign? Why is it linked with President Trump's newly-formed US Space Force? See: To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. Have fun!
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Re: Vril and Thule Societies

Post by JWW427 » 26 Jul 2019 16:03

By the way forum members, my great thanks to you all for the great resources and founts of wisdom!
I could not have finished my historical novel "Little Anton" about the Nazi Grand Prix program and Dr. Ferdinand Porsche without your help.
I take no profit, all goes to wounded warrior charities in the USA.
Best regards,

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Re: Vril and Thule Societies

Post by Annelie » 26 Jul 2019 16:22

Thankyou for your input and thoughts.
Certainly makes for interesting reading.

Always wondered about Julia Childs. Although she
has said publically all she did was secretarial work there
was always a little bit of "would like to know more".

What an interesting family. Will be buying your book in \
support of Wounded Warriors.

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Re: Vril and Thule Societies

Post by JWW427 » 30 Jul 2019 19:43

Thank you.
Most families have pretty interesting WW2 stories.
Mine's just a little stranger than some.
Best regards

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