66th Army

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66th Army

Post by Jeff Leach » 29 Jul 2019 08:46

Stavka Directive No. 170555 of 05.08.1942 orders the headquarters of the North Caucasus Military District be reorganized as the headquarters of the 66th Army. General V. N. Kurdûmov appointed army commander [Russkij Arhiv 16 (5–2): #477].

Appears not to have taken place. The above directive is mentioned in the war diary of Trans-Caucasus Front (II) but no mention of the 66th Army was found during the following days in the diary.

Stavka Directive No. 170557 of 20.08.1942 order the staff and forces of the North Caucasus Military District to be absorbed into Trans-Caucasus Front (II). General V. N. Kurdûmov, who was the commander of the North Caucasus Military District, was appointed deputy-commander of Trans-Caucasus Front (II). [Russkij Arhiv 16 (5–2): #477].

and later

Stavka Directive No. 994170 of 24.08.1942 orders the creation of the 66th Army by renaming the headquarters of the 8th Reserve Army [Russkij Arhiv 16 (5–2): #526].

On the web and in-print (at least 'All-Stalin's Generals) mix-up the above information and have General V. N. Kurdûmov as the original commander of the 66th Army.

Question: does anyone have anymore information why Stavka Directive No. 170555 wasn't carried out?

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