Felixstowe Mystery 6th June 1943

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Felixstowe Mystery 6th June 1943

Post by mike22red » 31 Jul 2019 20:33

From recently discovered notes of my late father who was serving in the Royal Artillery at Brackenbury Fort, Felixstowe, Suffolk on the 6th June 1943. At about 0525 he was startled to observe two Luftwaffe Bi planes, bearing black crosses and swastikas onthe tail fly across either side of the fort low enough for him to clearly see the pilot. The aircraft were single seaters. No attack was made and with a roar the pilot opened the throttle and turned right towards and Bawdsey and disappeared from sight. This event doesn't appear to have been witnessed except by him despite efforts by him to find out in the 1990's.

The interesting aspect of this incident is that it seemed to coincide with an attack by FW 190's on Felixstowe and Ipswich and all aircraft crossed the coast at or very near Brackenbury within one or two minutes.Given the slow speed of the Bi planes compared with the FW 190's to me it seems a very hazardous situation. Various accounts of the FW raids are record by local press, Chris Goss and Michael Bowyer and others. Some response to my fathers original enquiries suggested that the Bi Planes appearance was 'Improbable' but not Impossible.

Twenty years on and I decided to take another look to try and find out if there were any other similar events involving Luftwaffe Bi Planes up to the UK shores. I believe there were a few HS123's still around in Belgium at this time and used for rec and weather related issues.

Any suggestions or help with locating any available records would be most appreciated.


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