grey swastika on the "Bismarck" deck??

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aurelien wolff
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grey swastika on the "Bismarck" deck??

Post by aurelien wolff » 20 Aug 2019 10:19

first time I encounter this interpretation:
Image ... index.html
Usually it's presented in red with a white circle:

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Re: grey swastika on the "Bismarck" deck??

Post by Takao » 22 Aug 2019 15:49

Seen it a few times this way, but mostly it is a solid grey stripe.

The Bismarck was instructed to paint out or otherwise cover the air recognition markings during her sortie. The Bismarck covered her's with canvas/tarp. On the model, you can see many tie down straps. Still, there is speculation if the swastika was covered or uncovered.

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