Daily life and lodgings of the German General Staff

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Daily life and lodgings of the German General Staff

Post by Phaedrus » 28 Aug 2019 15:48

Hi all, I'm trying to gather some information on the day to day activities and life of the General Staff officers.

While a number of works exist on the General Staff, these tend to be more focused on the history and organizational structure (Goerlitz, Stone, Dupuy et al) rather than on the lifestyle, habits, and other elements that I am interested in.

I'm particularly interested in habits, lodgings, as well as the offices themselves (their workspaces), but I'm unable to find much information.

My thinking was that the "Life in the Third Reich...." forum was the most appropriate, but I'll relocate the thread if the moderators think it belongs somewhere else.

Any suggestions, resources, anecdotes, or pictures that the community would be willing to provide would be of great interest. I've perused the threads on here which occasionally pop up, but these have tended to be more focused on 'Hitler-centric' examples - his study or offices, or the Berghof. I'm hoping that reaching out might get me pointed in a better direction.

Thanks very much.

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Re: Daily life and lodgings of the German General Staff

Post by Biber » 29 Aug 2019 16:26

Sorry I can't really help on this topic, but it brought to mind something I remember reading quite a while back. Perhaps its pertinent or not. Sorry I can't offer details, but you can probably track it down if its of interest.

A few years back when the topic of the British bugging the POW facilities where they kept the upper echelon German Generals surfaced, I dug into the topic and came across a reference to the British evaluations (psych etc.) of them. I remember reading about one older Prussian/aristocratic General who was unable to fend for himself and seemed unaware of how to do basic grooming and domestic tasks. I think I'm remembering that right. I could think that this would tend to speak of an accustomed lifestyle. Food for thought anyway.

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