Marine-Alarm-Btl. Eichstädt

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Marine-Alarm-Btl. Eichstädt

Post by Werter » 21 Oct 2019 22:26


Do you have any info about this unit?
I found mention about it in roll T314 R1564 (AK 72 zbV). It was subordinated to 5.Lw.Feld.Div.

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Re: Marine-Alarm-Btl. Eichstädt

Post by Hammer6 » 13 Jan 2021 00:24

Alarm Battalion EICHSTAEDT was established on 28 October 1943 by Feldkommandatur 193, Major General WINKLER, in Nikolajew primarily from units of the Kriegsmarine. The battalion first saw action on the Dnjepr river near Berislaw.

After the defensive front on the Dnjepr was established the battalion was moved to via Cherson to Otschakoff on 5 December 1943. There it played a substantial role in the establishment and defense of the the islands “1. May” and “Beresan”.

The battalion was subordinated to the 5th Luftwaffe Field division for the defense of Odessa. On 6 April Alarm-battalion Eichstaedt was pulled from its position protecting the coast and moved to a defend blocking position east of Odessa. On 7 April the battalion was defending the bridgehead Owidopol, which was crucial to the LXXII's Corps retreat across the Dnjestr Liman near Akkerman.

As of 14 April 1944 Alarm-battalion Eichstaedt was designated as Corps reserve and was located in Bridowka. It was subordinated to the 5th Luftwaffen Field Division, located in the port of Akkermanskie, for supply. The battalion was tasked to prepare to prepare to counter-attack in the sector of 5th LwFD and Rumanian 4./24 Infantry Division. The battalion consisted of 200 soldiers.

On 20 April 1944, after serving as Corps Reserve in Kasatsch Alarm Battalion EICHSTAEDT was dissolved on 20 April 1944 by order of Commander, LXXII Corps. With the exception of personal weapons and Navy owned vehicles all weapons, munitions and equipment were transferred to the 304th Infantry Division. Personnel were sent to Ismail from where they returned to their original units.

The commander of LXXII Corps order states that the battalion proved itself in battle during the defensive battles between Bug and Dnjestr, especially at Franzfeld with Battle-group Koehler where it, along with other units and alarm-units it assisted in meeting the enemy advance thrust.

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