1943 - German forces in north eastern Estonia

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1943 - German forces in north eastern Estonia

Post by elar25 » 30 Nov 2019 22:02

Is in here somebody who knows were to look information about German forces that were in Estonia at 1943? Specialy I'm interested about forces that were located to the northt eastern Estonia, near town Rakvere. My grandfather talked that on that year lived in his house two german solders. Now it is just interesting to know that what was their role in the war. Into what military unit they could belong? Some supporting unit becouse on that time there wasn't front line?

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Re: 1943 - German forces in north eastern Estonia

Post by I have questions » 05 Dec 2019 04:38

perhaps "between giants" would have some information regarding your interest. The "soldiers" of which you speak may have been from Einsatzgruppe A, but that isn't my field of knowledge so.... I don't really know. If it was 1943 they likely weren't combat troops, but that is pure speculation.

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