Stellungs Batterien

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Stellungs Batterien

Post by JKernwerk » 13 Jan 2020 23:27

What is the difference between a divisional batterie and a Stellungs Batterie?
Is it just the way they were commanded?
Divisional Batterie = subordinated to a division (own artillerie of the division)
Stellungs Batterie = subordinated to korps?

I was really struggeling with the numbering of the Stellungs Batterien
and why these had a different numbering than the Divisional Batteries.

But am I right with my theory?
And what about the numbering, is there a good overview of these?
Greetings Jack.

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Re: Stellungs Batterien

Post by ErwinZ » 22 Jan 2020 09:23

I'm under the impression that the Stellungsbatterien were a fixed part of Stutzpunktgruppen, Stutzpunkten and Widerstandnesten. And the Divisionbatteries are part of the Divisions and are moved with them. A Division has a standard of 3 bat., but when they are in coastal defend they have a total of 6 bat. (3 of their own and 3 extra of the Stellung)

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Re: Stellungs Batterien

Post by schwarzermai » 22 Jan 2020 11:50

Most (or all) Stellungs-Batterien (Küste) were formed as Geräte-Batterien only,
that means: no permanent staff (only a few man for training) - just guns. No Etat (no budget).
The guns were then operated by infantry-divisions, which was nearby.

ca in early 1943 the Batterien were "etatisiert" - now with budget.
and in late 1943 most of them were summarized into "Heeres-Artillerie-Abteilungen (bodenständig)"


PS: my planned 2-Book-Set of "Heeres-Küsten-Artillerie" will include all of those batteries

My Bookproject: "Organisationsgeschichte der deutschen Heeresartillerie im II. Weltkrieg"

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Re: Stellungs Batterien

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 22 Jan 2020 15:08

You know who wants that?


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Re: Stellungs Batterien

Post by jopaerya » 22 Jan 2020 17:02

I want that J-H :thumbsup:

For the Stellungs batterien , the heavy naval guns in the Westwall were had the names s. Stellungs Batterie .

The "Stellungs Batterie ( K or Küste )" were static batteries not under the direct command of the division but
attached as "Bodenständige Waffen" . Here some examples , as Uwe stated most of the were renamed in december
1943 in H.A.A. . It looks that some light guns of the Stellungs batterien were transferred end 1943 in Division artillery.
Early 1944 all Stellungs batterien were gone, all were renamed . ( BAMA and NARA )
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Re: Stellungs Batterien

Post by RuPo » 24 Jan 2020 20:12

Could is be the same with different names? For example like this: The guns came with the division (div. btr) and the emplacements where static (stellungs btr). So they could be command by the division stab of a abschnitt, that could be a other unit (stab) then the unit where the guns belong to.

Nice to now the relation of the observation towers in Holland, in relation with the batteries ;-)


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