Yakovlev yak-3 kills/losses

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Yakovlev yak-3 kills/losses

Post by toothpickVic » 20 Jan 2020 00:12

Hey !
I Have got a source that says on September 23; 1944, one yak-3 shot down seven fw-190s in a single dogfight.
https://www.google.com/amp/s/weaponsand ... ghter/amp/
"Luftwaffe fighters in combat with the Yak-3 tried to exploit surprise. This happened on 17th September 1944, when Fw 190s attacked a formation of three Yak-3s of the 66th Fighter Air Regiment over the Riga district of the front by coming out of the sun, shooting down two of the Soviet aircraft. On 23rd September the regiment gained its revenge when a Yak-3 formation led by Major I Vitkovsky shot down seven Fw 190s in a single dogfight."
Is that true ? And I'll be very thankfull for more info about yak-3's combat score.

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Re: Yakovlev yak-3 kills/losses

Post by igorr » 23 Jan 2020 03:06

It say that was FORMATION, not single aircraft. Also here is an error - Yak-3 has 66 GUARD IAP (GIAP), and 66 IAP has Aircobras.
"Shot down seven Fw-190s" here mean that this was only claims. In reality there may be 1 really shot down or even zero.

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Re: Yakovlev yak-3 kills/losses

Post by Art » 23 Jan 2020 09:47

According to an official digest the Red Army's air force lost 60 YAK-3 as combat losses in 1944 and 150 in 1945. Plus some unspecified number in Navy and territorial air defense.

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