Info and thank you!!

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Info and thank you!!

Post by Georg_S » 21 Jan 2020 18:30

It have now been three weeks since I took över AHF official. It was a bit of a rollercoaster to do that, it started out terrible but now everything works well, att least I hope so. The New ISP is worth all of My respect and thanks.

But I also want send a special THANK YOU to all moderators of this Forum. Without you this wouldnt have the forum we all Enjoy so much. As for me who didn't see what happened behind the scene before, feel great gratitude to the moderators for all the work they do. For ordinary members I can reviele that we are constantly under attack from spam robots, with out the moderators the Forum wouldnt look as Good as it do at the moment. Beside that they also have to deal with a lot of matters that concerns topics , members etc. So I once again say "Wow! You are the greatest"

I will also announce that from time to time I will share thoughts, matters etc a message to you all. You can call it a news letter. I will for the next time discuss this with the moderators and ser if they want to share something in the next announcement.

With that I end this with Marcus fine slogan - Information not shared is Lost!

Best regards
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Re: Info and thank you!!

Post by Pz III » 22 Jan 2020 15:55

Thanks George
I work in IT and I understand that things don't always go right. Well done and thanks for taking on this task and preserving something we all love and enjoy. Good work.


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