Nazi Austria

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Nazi Austria

Post by Max » 14 Apr 2020 14:26

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Re: Austria under Nazi rule

Post by history1 » 21 Apr 2020 14:54

[...] the Josefsplatz, a monument at the palace formerly occupied by the Hapsburg dynasty.[...]
The Josefsplatz a monument? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
[...] a collaboration of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Austrian Film Museum and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute. [...]
The USHMM? A bunch of Americans even violating the US constitution and their own rules to protect their alleged good reputation. Not ableto ID simple RAD-men and calling them " German soldiers" and or BDM-uniforms in a photo "German school uniforms". And then their lie that only a few German/Austrian Nazi opponents got killed by them.
[...]“The idea was to represent the subjects of the time period and challenge the perception of what it was like to be in Nazi Austria,” says Zarwell.[...]
Then I can only suggest that the Lady starts to read newspapers of that time or to take a view in the dabase of the DÖW and learn about the fate of Austrian Nazi opponents.
[...]. In one scene a Nazi soldier questions Baker’s wife, who was not Jewish, as she tries to enter a building.
A Nazi soldier? ROFL! That´s NOT a soldier in the video "Accidental Witnesses to History: The Baker Collection (Curators Corner #11)" @ 2:45.
[...]And though questions persist about the Austrians’ willingness to be a part of Nazi Germany, the raw footage in these films presents at least one side of the story.[...]
An example from the other side as response:
Josef Anzenberger was arrested on Oct 3rd 1941 because he did disturb a radio broadcasting of a Hitler-speech by making noice in a pub. As result he was convicted to on year prison on Feb. 13th 1942 and was until the end of WWII imprisoned in the concentration camps Buchenwald, Dachau, Auschwitz and Mauthausen.
Sometimes I wonder if those foreigners have even a clue what "Nazi dicatorship" means..
[...] Austrians have for the most part perceived themselves as Hitler’s first victims, and as you can see through a lot of these films it was really not entirely that way.[...]
It wasn´t the Austrians idea but the Allies who considered Austria teh Nazis first victim even during WWII.
BTW, how many videos does that website/film archive provide showing the other side? None. Just such which supports their hidden claim (between the lines) that all Austrians were Nazi supporters.
[...]“And so we are in that sense contradicting the idea that Austrians themselves were not willing to be taken over by the Nazis.”[...]
You´re condradicting nothing, just verifying what I wrote above. Already the Nazis used propaganda videos to show a false impression of facts which/do support their claims.
[...]The acceptance of the anti-Semitic Nazi philosophy is clear in one of the scenes from the first video shown above in which two Jewish people are forced to kneel on their knees and scrub the streets[...]
Acceptance? An idiotic claim by people who seemingly don´t know that Austrians got beheaded for listening foreign radio stations as this was prohibited by law. And so was the support of Jews prohibited by law, ignorants.

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