204th Coast Battery Royal Artillery

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204th Coast Battery Royal Artillery

Post by kereguelen » 09 Jul 2020 12:48


I'm looking for information about 204th Coast Battery Royal Artillery.

According to one of my sources, it was at Marsa Matruh during Operation Crusader in November 1941 and fielded four 6in Guns.

It is listed under Middle East Forces since September 1941 and it seems that it remained under Middle East Forces until August 1943. I suspect that it was disbanded/put in suspended animation afterwards.

I have no idea if it was formed locally or send from the UK, that is, the only information I have is that it existed between September 1941 and August 1943 and was located in Marsa Matruh in November 1941.

It seems possible that it is identical with either B or C Battery of 14th Coast Regiment or of Y or Z Battery of 15th Coast Regiment. But this is just speculation.

If anybody could shed some light on this, this would be most appreciated!

Many Thanks!

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