Lieutenant Jack H. Taylor and the OSS Dupont Mission in Austria 44/45

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Lieutenant Jack H. Taylor and the OSS Dupont Mission in Austria 44/45

Post by history1 » 07 Aug 2020 20:30


the other day I stumbled on a social media platform about this US mission and wondered about the information shared there. Especially as it is so differeent to the report shared on ... 4-may-1945
While this website states that the mission members did leave the reed beds of Lake Neusiedl after some time and traveled further without any local help the author, a hobby historian, claimed that they did capture a farmer who transported several hundreds (!) bales of straw on his horse drawn cart and forced him with their weapons to help them through the lines of soldiers/SA troops searching for them near the lake.
Another discrepancy is that this guy claimed that from the three Austrian participants of the mission only one was able to escape, while at jewishvirtuallibrary one can read that all three did escape.
A third discrepancy is that this man also claimed that the mission participants did also came through his hometown "Bruckneudorf" on the way from Kaisersteinbruch to Stixneusiedl what is also not supported by this alleged original version of the Dupont Mission report. It wouldn´t make any sense either as this means a detour of several kilometers without any need.
Route according the report on Jewish Virtually Library:
Route according hobby "historian":

I do appreciate any help to find another document about this OSS mission.
Thanks in advance!


PS.: I did post this plea already in the Archives-subforum but got not a single reply while the thread holds more than 850 views. I assumed that Taylor was quite a famous/known person as he got liberated by US froces from the concentration camp Mauthausen.

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