Machine-Pistols (other than C96 variants)

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Re: Machine-Pistols (other than C96 variants)

Post by chitoryu12 » 28 Dec 2020 17:47

narikis wrote:
10 Nov 2020 00:45
chitoryu12 wrote:
09 Nov 2020 18:56
The Steyr pistol is the M1912.P16 if I remember the designation correctly. I don't know of any select-fire handguns in actual service other than the C96 family, as they tend to be of less use than a normal pistol or proper submachine gun.
Warlords in China were apparently big fans of C96 machine-pistol derivatives. I have seen photos of a whole platoon-sized unit outfitted with them. Just because it is not the most practical thing does not mean somebody won't try it out ;)

I looked up the Steyr M1912/P16 (thanks for the name); there are a couple claims online that it was issued in limited numbers to Austrian mountain troops during WW1 (possibly as a counter to the Villar-Perosa smgs that the Italian mountain troops had). I can't find much detail to verify though.
I don't think they would need them to counter anything in particular. The Villar-Perosa remained a weird, clunky weapon until 1918 when someone finally got sensible and put half of one in a normal rifle stock. It's not until that year that you get a proper "submachine gun" in service.

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