For sale - Waffen-SS and RKT volume

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For sale - Waffen-SS and RKT volume

Post by steve248 » 01 Dec 2020 17:27

I am just beginning to declutter books and here are a few that some may have an interest in

Roger James Bender & Hugh Page Taylor
"Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-SS"
Vol 1 (1982 edition)
Vol 3 (1978 edition)
Vol 4 (1982 edition)
All three have the Eagle profile and EK on the front cover (the stiff board covers).
All three in very good condition, no extraneous marks or notes on the pages, no tears, a little bit of browning on the top edge from where they stood on a bookshelf undisturbed.

English pounds 15 each
Euros 17 each
US dollars 20


LTL John R Angola (seems to have become a Major later)
"On the Field of Honor. A History of the Knight's Cross Bearers", Vol. 2 only. (1980 - publisher not shown but Roger Bender listed as designer so probably came from his publishing house)
Like the others above for condition.

English pounds 25
Euros 28
US dollars 33

Plus usual actual cost of postage.

Folk in Britain can let me have a cheque - outside Britain by arrangements and even Amazon vouchers!

Send me a PM if interested.

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