Mystery Japanese parachute

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Mystery Japanese parachute

Post by Curuthers » 12 Dec 2020 14:42


I'm trying to identify a Japanese parachute pack. It would appear to be Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, due to colour. I thought it was a clip-on 'aircrew pack' (rather than pilots/seat type). Initially I thought it was a type 92 but this one has 'D' rings to attached to spring hooks on the harness and a type 92 harness appears to have 'D' rings for a pack with hooks? Also I don't think its a paratrooper type. At least not like any I can find information on. It has a ripcord handle and canopy and dates from April 1938, so pre-war. I can't make out the kanji in order to read the 'type' details. Any help greatly appreciated.

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