Polizei Wehrpass and Dienstpass..info needed

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Polizei Wehrpass and Dienstpass..info needed

Post by Joda » 22 Jan 2021 18:54

Hi guys,
I'm trying to make order to my knowledge about OrPo Dienstpasse and Wehrpasse:

1) It's known that Wehrpass belonging to Polizei (OrPo) units can be found with also extremely early dates of issue (1935,36...)
2) We find OrPo Dienstpasse from about 1940 onwards
3) Personally, I saw Wehrpasse dated 1940,41,42,43 only belonged to members servind in SS-Polizei Division.

That's said: is it possible that before the issue of the Dientpass, only the Wehrpass was available, and then it was issued only for "first line" troops of Polizei Division? Other branches of the OrPo used the Dienstpass with the same role of a Wehrpass for the Wehrmacht units..

At last: does anyone owns a Polizei WP belonged to an OrPo branch NOT related to Polizei Division, dated 1941 to 1945?

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but please correct me ;)

Thanks in advance

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