Reading software for scanned Fraktur?

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Reading software for scanned Fraktur?

Post by Bamachris67 » 04 Feb 2021 20:45

Hello, I am looking to solve a problem I am having with Fraktur. If anyone knows, it looks like this is the place.

Anyway, I have a book I would love to read (or get notes from) for research but can't work through the Fraktur. It hurts my eyes to try and decipher. I found several options online that appear to do the job but look to be too expensive and some are free or inexpensive (like Onlineocr) but don't look like they can handle Fraktur. Is there such a thing, or does anyone have experience with a good software?

Or is my only option a Fraktur human translator?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Reading software for scanned Fraktur?

Post by jwsleser » 05 Feb 2021 20:46

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