Ludwig Hohlwein Exhibition (Wiesbaden 2021)

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Ludwig Hohlwein Exhibition (Wiesbaden 2021)

Post by Hans1906 » 20 Mar 2021 18:42

A very long planned exhibition about the (in)famous german artist Ludwig Hohlwein is av. here in the "Wiesbaden Stadtmuseum".

Link: ... hlwein.php

His works are extremely valuable, I have some of his posters for bavarian breweries at that time in my small collection, maybe I will be able to present the pictures of the posters here later...

Hohlwein accepted the National Socialist sentiments, but his posters are still modern legends.
Are there limits to art, I don't think so, Hohlwein died in 1949.

Ludwig Hohlwein


* There was a very long article in the local newspaper, why Hohlwein always shaded the eyes of his motifs, very interesting to read, makes you think about this artist ...

** Perhaps you should see this exhibition to get a unique impression of the artist's "work", I am not sure whether each of us would like this exhibition, all of this is as always in the eye of the beholder ...
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Es ist im Leben wichtig, viel zu wissen.
Manchmal ist es noch wichtiger, zu wissen, daß man nichts weiß.

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