Stp Blücher - KVA A3

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Stp Blücher - KVA A3

Post by Von Kluck » 08 Apr 2021 12:33

I've spotted both R506 of Stp Blücher along the dyke of De Haan. To the east of the APX turret there is another construction. I've read there was
2 x Vf 4,7cm PaK too inside the position but it does'nt look like that. To the west of the western R506 there is another bunker (which type ?).

To which section of Stützpunkt Blücher did those belong ? Blücher IV ? Blücher V ? The Leitstand of former 1./HKAA 769 is located some 600m to the east but it was part of Stp Blücher I if I remember ?
There is another structure close to the Leitstand eastward. One of the 2 FuMG 65 Würzburg Riese of Stellung Bremse should be located not far away from this but it doesn't look like a Sockel and I don't think it belong to Stp Blücher I .

Von Kluck
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