NSKK and NSFK Propaganda Films and Newsreels?

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NSKK and NSFK Propaganda Films and Newsreels?

Post by D-General » 30 Apr 2021 17:35

Hello everyone, I have a curious question. I'm aware that certain NSDAP paramilitary organizations like the SA, SS, RAD, etc... have made their own propaganda films and newsreels exclusively featuring them. But I am curious whether the NSKK and NSFK also had their own exclusive propaganda films and newsreels? All I've seen from my years of studying are bits of newsreels only partially featuring them or perhaps a movie that gives them a quick glance and/or mention, but I have never seen any actual film or newsreel that exclusively focuses on them.

If anyone may be kind enough to point out whether such films existed, that'll be much appreciated, I wish to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks you all have a happy weekend to all of you.
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