Hungarian Paratroopers

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Re: Hungarian Paratroopers

Post by Peter89 » 13 May 2021 19:20

gigoo wrote:
13 May 2021 18:06
Peter89 wrote:
13 May 2021 08:36
gigoo wrote:
12 May 2021 16:39
Yes, his name is Abel Gusztav. His name and history of his service live on through the efforts of my good friend David. My intent? I don't understand the question...
I mean it is quite unlikely that we could come up with any new information, on the other hand, not telling us your father's name made it feel like we are looking for a lost relative's story. Or to be more accurate, a relative's lost story. So I don't understand, why did you start this thread? This photo circulates in multiple blogs and memoir-like sources. Would you like to talk about your father's service or...? I really don't get it.

This whole forum is based largely on individuals and events that took place 70 years ago or more. If the counter on views is accurate, this thread has been viewed more than 1670 times, so that would indicate there is an interest in the subject matter. If you find the topic irrelevant or repetitive...feel free to scroll on
No need to be offended, I just asked a question...
"Everything remained theory and hypothesis. On paper, in his plans, in his head, he juggled with Geschwaders and Divisions, while in reality there were really only makeshift squadrons at his disposal."

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