Chor der Singleiter der Wehrmacht

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Chor der Singleiter der Wehrmacht

Post by Alexander B. » 09 May 2021 15:26

Hello Everyone,

A pleasure to write to you as always.

I'm not quite ready to review any of these yet; but, a collection of 9 records with 18 recordings from "Der Chor der Singleiter der Wehrmacht" came into my possession over the course of the last year and I wanted to share them with you already and ask for any additional information that might be had on them.

So far, I've struggled to turn up any information on these recordings at all. I found list of 8 of them on the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. However, the information is not comprehensive for all of the records, and the photos are so small as to be unusable!

Here are scans of all 9 of mine, and a track listing for ease of use.

Does anyone else know of any more of these records and what purpose they served?

They seem to be produced by the "Special Recordings Department" at Telefunken, so I'm guessing that these were not commercial records!


Telefunken T 70590: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen / Muss i denn zum Städtele hinaus
Telefunken T 70591: Jungfrau, dein schön Gestalt / Landsknechtsständchen
Telefunken T 70592: Ich habe Lust in weitem Feld / Musketier sein lustge Brüder
Telefunken T 70593: Der Käppen, der Stürmann / Lilofee
Telefunken T 70594: Wohlan, die Zeit ist kommen / Ein Schifflein sah ich fahren
Telefunken T 70595: Lützow's wilde verwegene Jagd / Prinz Eugen
Telefunken T 70596: Steh auf hohem Berge / Des Morgens zwischen drein und vieren
Telefunken T 70597: Wenn alle. untreu werden / Wohlauf, Kameraden
Telefunken T 70598: Deutschland stirbt nicht / Deutschland, heiliges. Wort

With regards as always, Gentlemen.
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Ivan Ž.
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Re: Chor der Singleiter der Wehrmacht

Post by Ivan Ž. » 10 May 2021 06:36

Hello, Alex

They released two more records:

Telefunken T 70599: Trösterin Musik / Ritornell
Telefunken T 70600: Beim Kronenwirt / Und jetzt gang i an's Peters Brünnele

On Telefunken T 70599, the choir was led by Georg Frigge. All recordings were made in 1942.

Note that there was also a Kriegsmarine Singleiter choir, which made several records for Telefunken and radio (accompanied by G. Grosch's band).


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