Need help Fallschirmjäger dog tags from Carentan?

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Need help Fallschirmjäger dog tags from Carentan?

Post by BMW_E70 » 24 May 2021 08:04

I recently have come into ownership of some D-Day or German artifacts from Normandy that were found by a Frenchman named Xavier Derule. I had the document translated which reads:

" 1983 To whom it may concern,

I have proof that the excavated items are found close to Carentan [a town in Normandy] during the works. I found German helmets, buckles, medals, decorative coins/plates.

All sold to Mr Jean Caistres."

The lot contains:
Long Service Cross
War Merit Medal ( usually awarded to those workers in factories who significantly exceeded work quotas. what was this doing there???) Civilian staff member attached to military? My theory is that Carentan was far enough inland that officers and German civilians could be stationed there.)
War Merit Cross 1st class without swords
MG-42 range card "Uberschiesstafel"

That being said, I was looking at one of the dog tags which reads. "Ausb. Regt. 10” or Luftwaffe Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment 10. I read somewhere that this is a basic training regiment. That most soldiers would carry two dog tags? basic training and current unit? I've seen Fallschirmjäger dog tags and they look different. Just wondering how validity that would add to this story? I know Fallschirmjäger was in town defending it the night of D-Day.

To me it didn't make sense why a Luftwaffe dog tag would be in the pile. I thought maybe it was a forgery with random artifacts throw into this lot. Another poster, told me this is all most likely from a " dump site" near the area from the end of the war. Any sense of this would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Need help Fallschirmjäger dog tags from Carentan?

Post by Goose331186 » 09 Jun 2021 16:18

Hey you are not gonna believe this
But I won the helmet from this guy from the 12th SS allegedly

I basically have same letter of provenance but mine was found in evrecy

Im PRAYING its real

Have you found anything out?!

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