I need help identifying a German bayonet

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I need help identifying a German bayonet

Post by Hrvat96 » 02 Jun 2021 00:28

Hi there folks,

Hoping that you can help me out in my search to identify a German bayonet/fighting knife that I purchased about 3 years ago.

I bought the itme itself from an antique shop in British Columbia, Canada probably close to 3 years ago now, and in that time I've been searching everywhere online for anything like it, but I just can't seem to find anything. Which is why I'm now turning to dedicated online forums.

Attached is a link to some close up photos of the knife. As you may note, the blade and scabbard appear to be original/authentic, but the handle and hand guard don't appear to match, and in fact look like they were added on later.


The only place I've ever seen something resembling this style of knife was in the credits of a movie called Overlord, which kind of blew my mind upon seeing it, and lead me to believe that it might not be fake after all. I've attached a photo of the credit slide that contains the knife I'm talking about as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: I need help identifying a German bayonet

Post by Hans1906 » 02 Jun 2021 11:22

Good morning Kris,

please google for "Polizei Seitengewehr", or also "Polizei Extraseitengewehr".
Such blank weapons that could not be mounted on a rifle or carbine were usually called "Seitengewehr". (E: Sidearm)
These "Blankwaffen" were worn for example with a dress uniform or on the occasion of a parade.
Also, these blank weapons were usually purchased by the former carrier at his own expense...

Weitze / Polizei Seitengewehr https://www.weitze.net/militaria/36/III ... 78536.html
Weitze / Polizei / Overview https://www.weitze.net/militaria/Polizei_34.html

Google photo search for "polizei seitengewehr" https://www.google.com/search?q=polizei ... 00&bih=759

About your purchased example I would not like to comment. :?
One of the many Reproductions, for just 29,30 Euro https://www.waffen-schaulade.de/extra-s ... 44827.html

Greetings from Germany!


P.S. Partly excellent fakes were reproduced in Solingen / Germany and Spain in earlier decades after 1945, in large quantities, often with old
tools and techniques...
Artificially aged, these fakes are sometimes very difficult to recognize as fakes, even for some experts. :wink:
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Re: I need help identifying a German bayonet

Post by jtns63 » 13 Jun 2021 09:57


It is a fantasy product from Poland or China ..
It has never existed this fantasy bayonet.


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