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Post by friend_of_Obersalzberg » 06 Jul 2021 15:31

I wrote this to the administrators twice about 5 weeks ago. Have not received an answer so far. So I'll post it here and you decide whether that's right: I'm the admin of the Historisches Berchtesgadener Land Facebook group. If you find this group useful, please join. In this group (and in our partner group Historischer Chiemgau) we have some experts on the theaters of war in this area.

Do you have photos of your ancestors in Berchtesgaden, Reichenhall or the Chiemsee area and want to know whether this place still exists and where it is? Maybe we can help you!

Thank you for your attention. Don´t care about the language, Deepl is our friend :-)

PS: administrators, if this is not desired, please delete it. Thanks.

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Re: Invitation

Post by CPB » 27 Jul 2021 09:24

Thank you, joined last week.

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Re: Invitation

Post by Hans1906 » 28 Jul 2021 17:46

Thank you for your attention. Don´t care about the language, Deepl is our friend :-)
Aha, but "Facebook" is not my "friend", sorry.
You can also have fun more simply, whoever needs Facebook for that, it's their own fault.
Probably I'm just too old for this worldwide shit, thank you very much, not here!

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