The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau 1939-1945 $15 delivered

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The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau 1939-1945 $15 delivered

Post by bilboleslie » 03 Aug 2021 03:27

Read once gently by me. Book as new. $15 delivered in USA

We know what the Allies found out about Nazi war crimes. What did German investigations reveal about Allied - and civilian - war crimes against the German people?

The book describes some of the work of the Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, a special section of the legal department of the Wehrmacht High Command, which collected reports of alleged Allied and German war crimes for purposes of diplomatic protests, war crimes trials, and white books.

The book examines the records of the work of the Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, a body set up to collect evidence of war crimes committed by both the Allies and the Wehrmacht in World War II. Examples include the murder of Ukrainians in Lviv by the NKVD in 1941, the murder of Polish prisoners of war at Katyn in 1940, executions of German prisoners of war by French irregulars in 1944, and the sinking of the German hospital ship Tübingen by the RAF in 1944. De Zayas was the first researcher[citation needed] to evaluate the extant 226 volumes; about half of the total records, the rest apparently having been burned in Langensalza, Germany, near the end of the war (de Zayas; pp. xiii-xiv). These records, captured by the United States Army in May 1945, had been classified documents in the United States for several decades, and had been returned by the US National Archives to the German Bundesarchiv in 1975.[citation needed]
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