Minefield management system

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Minefield management system

Post by otis68 » 04 Aug 2021 15:00

Good afternoon. I'm from Russia. And I apologize for my English. Perhaps my question is not in this topic, but please do not judge me strictly. As we know, before the war in Normandy, the German command turned the beaches into minefields. And for sure, some of the mines had remote control. And it means that there were (were) some command bunkers with demolition control equipment. Here I am searching for information on this equipment. I will be glad of any information on this issue.

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Re: Minefield management system

Post by AETIUS 1980 » 05 Aug 2021 20:51

Good evening,
You have a post about "Mines in rocks against landing troops in Normandie". I'm not sure about how they were working but it must be with a trigger. So, it's sound like a remote control to me.

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Re: Minefield management system

Post by Eax-E » 10 Aug 2021 18:51

Hello Otis,
It is more seamines that we're actually remotely triggered.
Do you mean landmines? If yes, can you help us with the source of your conviction?
In a general way, the German army has been quite creative in the field of landmines, especially in the O. B. West.
Kind regards

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Re: Minefield management system

Post by Natter » 13 Apr 2024 18:40

It's correct: The germans installed improvised controllable minefields (not to be confused with regular controllable minesystems used for harbour and straight-defences).
They were installed in numerous sites in France, mainly beaches and rivers which were considered atractive for allied landings/advances.
Various equipment were used, but accoring to the records available from NARA, mainly captured french depthcharges.

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