German army stuff in Indonesia

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German army stuff in Indonesia

Post by Emainsteen » 09 Sep 2021 06:24

There is something interesting in the history of my country to discuss here, I found 3 photos related to German goods. The first was the SMG Mp40 weapon carried by a Dutch patrol unit in Padang (November 1946) and 2 photos of Keibodan troops wearing stahlhelm (Surabaya, 1943) which according to the source here ... g.html?m=1 comes from KNIL booty. My speculation is maybe this is booty from kmt. anyone have more information go on, I really appreciate it. thanks you :milwink: ...
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Re: German army stuff in Indonesia

Post by Linkagain » 09 Sep 2021 21:07

Not suprized..I think the chinese army in th 1930s had German Steel helements as did the isrish Free State army,,,,

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Re: German army stuff in Indonesia

Post by nuyt » 20 Sep 2021 09:37

Several types of helmets were produced in the Dutch East Indies prior to 1942, among which a Stahlhelm type. Used mainly by fire brigades and territorial units (Stadswacht).

The mp40 is a surprise to me. I know these were used in Dutch New Guinea in the 1950s, but with Dutch volunteers on Sumatra in 1946?
It could of course have been shipped from the NL by that date as part of the weapons left behind by the German forces in 1945, arriving together with the troops... But then there would have been substantial amounts (for logistics/ammo supply) and not just a couple, so there would have been more photographic evidence.
Or it was just captured from the Indonesians, who acquired lots of weaponry on the international surplus markets...

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