tropical uniform DAK

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tropical uniform DAK

Post by NavyCdo412 » 24 Nov 2021 23:31

When a German soldier was transferred to another unit, did his tropical suite send to another unit depot, or was his own property? I mean as simple private, not officer.

And if a DAK soldier was killed in Africa (wearing the tropical combat dress), his mainland fieldgrey wool uniform was destroyed or sent to another depot where was used again for an "alive" soldier?

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von thoma
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Re: Tropical Uniform DAK

Post by von thoma » 25 Nov 2021 16:54

Soldiers' equipment is owned by the Army.
It is up to a quartermaster officer ( Sometimes a NCO ) to determine his fate in each unit.
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Re: tropical uniform DAK

Post by Hans1906 » 25 Nov 2021 23:34

The equipment and clothing was the property of the country, in this case Germany.
If something remained, then all that was checked, cleaned, and further used. The same with all weapons and other equipment.
As far as I know, fallen soldiers were always buried in their uniforms, as far as possible also with all awarded decorations.

But who of us knows for sure, not me ?
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