General Officers

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General Officers

Post by Erich2019 » 20 Apr 2022 18:05


Does anyone know of a German Archive I can contact, who have personnel records of General Officers? More specific to those who served in a Judicial, Medical, Vet, Intendant type of role? Thanks in advance.


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Re: General Officers

Post by Mori » 20 Apr 2022 18:40

Depends on what you're looking for.

Contemporary records are in BA-MA Freiburg under PERS 6, except for SS Officers which are in Berlin. Identical records were microfilmed in the USA and are available at NARA under resp. A3343 and A3356. Large samples are for free download on

Some officers gave their personal papers to the archives. See the N series at Freiburg.

Post-war testimonies and memoirs were collected by various organisations. The US Army collected hundreds of manuscripts under the Foreign Military Studies program. IfZ Munich has lots of war experience testimonies too. I suppose many more Archives hold similar records.

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Re: General Officers

Post by WEIDINGER1945 » 18 Dec 2022 03:21

Thank you

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Re: General Officers

Post by askropp » 24 Dec 2022 18:55

If NARA continues to publish records in quick succession, maybe A-3356 will also be online soon. I hope you guys keep an eye on this, I may not notice it initially because I'm usually busy on ABR.
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