Nationalist seaplane squadrons

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Nationalist seaplane squadrons

Post by Spearfish » 24 Sep 2022 12:23

The Spanish Nationalists had squadrons of Dornier Wal and Cant Z.501 flying boats. But were they used only for reconnaissance or did they bomb and either sink or damage Republican merchant ships or warships?

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Re: Nationalist seaplane squadrons

Post by Ironmachine » 12 Jan 2023 11:09

On 9 October 1936 the Dornier Wal D-4 (part of Escuadrilla 1-E-70 of Grupo 1-G-70) attacked the Republican patrol-boats Uad-Muluya and Uad-Lucus, dropping two 50 kg bombs (one against each ship) without hitting them.

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