Could Army Group North have taken Leningrad in 1941?

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Re: Could Army Group North have taken Leningrad in 1941?

Post by Peter89 » 09 Dec 2022 22:25

Urmel wrote:
09 Dec 2022 21:13
I suspect so, but at this age a number of components are likely to be more failure prone. It would be good to get information from 6. PD files on the actual problems they encountered, rather than taking Raus' word for it.
Right, because engine hours (generally 5-10 km translates into one engine hour) were long gone for these tanks. They probably underwent many, many overhauls before they arrived to Leningrad. I suspect we rather talk about the wear and tear of the whole tank when it is more reasonable to scrap and replace it than repair it. How those German tanks were able survive 2 years in a world war beggars the imagination...! :)
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