Personnel transfer between Wehrkreise

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Personnel transfer between Wehrkreise

Post by K.Kocjancic » 22 Oct 2022 10:18

I have a question regarding how common was there a personnel transfer between different Wehrkreise?

So, you have a guy, that was mobilized/volunteered in the territory of the Wehrkreis XYZ, but instead of being send to the AuE unit of the said WK XYZ, he was instead sent to the AuE unit of the neighbouring WK XYW. Was this done because all the training facilities in the first WK were full or there could be a other reason?


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Re: Personnel transfer between Wehrkreise

Post by Urmel » 04 Dec 2022 17:20

Could have specialist skills. My grandfather was in WK X initially, training with 22. ID, then sent on specialist communications training, and served with Beobachtungsabteilung 30 (WK X) in 1939/40. He fell ill, and after recovery was posted to Beobachtungsersatzabteilung 6 in Lemgo, which served a number of artillery units. From there he went to Beobachtungsabteilung 26, which was originally a WK VI unit. ... Abt6-R.htm
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