WW2 German Leaflet Dropped Into Soviet Territory in 1941.

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WW2 German Leaflet Dropped Into Soviet Territory in 1941.

Post by Heartfeltzero » 09 Dec 2022 08:03


This is a German Leaflet that was dropped into Soviet Territory During WW2 in 1941.

A rough translation reads:

Front of page : "CITIZENS OF THE SOVIET UNION. FIGHTERS and COMMANDERS OF THE RKKA! The German army is fighting for a new order instead of the old system, communist devastation and arbitrariness; for bread instead of hunger and niche The return of the landlord capitalists will not be allowed. Although the war is still going on, the Germans are already carrying out the following measures: Peasant households and household plots, which were still in the personal use of collective farmers, will be transferred to the full ownership of the peasants and will not be subject to taxes and levies. If the harvest is good and the autumn sowing is successful, the peasant plots will be doubled. These peasants are given the opportunity to increase their livestock accordingly. For agricultural products supplied from the former collective farm fields and from single plots, the German authorities will pay firm and fair prices, which are significantly higher than the prices of state procurements. Moreover, the Germans are restoring freedom of religion. Anyone who will continue the war is fighting for his own slavery. Ending senseless resistance to you reorganization of agriculture, better working conditions and your whole life. 143 B.41"

Back of page (In Russian) "PASS! possessing to cross the front of the German troops. The red commander or soldier with this pass has the right to present the pass to the first German soldier, post, or commander who is obliged to escort those surrendering to the nearest headquarters. This pass is valid for the first German soldier or commander who must take the surrenders to the nearest headquarters: 1 commander and 50 (or less) fighters. This pass is guaranteed: 1. GOOD TREATMENT DURING STAY IN CAPTIVITY, 2. QUICK RETURN TO THE REGION AFTER THE WAR."

(In German) "Identification card! Every Soviet commander or Red Army soldier in possession of this ID has the right to pass the front of the German troops. This ID must be shown to the first German soldier or post or commander who is obliged to accompany all members of the Soviet Army to German staff. This identity card is valid for: 1 Guide and up to 50 men. The pass guarantees: 1. good treatment during the imprisonment 2. quick return home after the end of the war."
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Re: WW2 German Leaflet Dropped Into Soviet Territory in 1941.

Post by steve248 » 17 Feb 2023 11:00

British intelligence must have intercepted and decoded German radio messages about these leaflets as it issued a report dated 16 July 1941:
"Army Groups report that the dropping of propaganda leaflets by the GAF [German Air Force] has resulted in a notable weakening of enemy resistance. Further dropping of leaflets is considered desirable, and at points where especially good results may be expected, leaflets should be carried even at the expense of the bombload... The Führer has given orders for a large scale propaganda operation lasting several days, in which the GAF will drop leaflets."

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