Something about Zyklon-B + Hamburg and Himmler + Lüneburg

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Something about Zyklon-B + Hamburg and Himmler + Lüneburg

Post by amon969 » 17 Jul 2003 15:47

It´s full of suspense to search for Third Reich Relicts in Germany. Here in Hamburg, for example - i found the company which made "Zyklon B" in 1940. and delivererd 20 Tons of it alone to Auschwitz (!) I found it because i saw a Holocaust film ...they showed a close-up of the Zyklon-B Can and suddenly i saw Hamburg on the Label and than I watched the scene in slow-motion and found the Name and Adress of the Company. "Firma Tesch & Stabenow" Messberghof, Hamburg. 5min. away from our home in 1995 - Me and my girlfriend found it in -- it was the adress but there was nothing. By the way: Now you find it in the internet and since some years there´s ther´s a sign of the Shoah-Foundation about this house and the history. Another Story: 10 km away from Hamburg is Luneburg. I looked for the House were Himmler commited Suicide (?) at the 23th Max 1945. After Recherche in the Web i found the Adress (Uelzener Strasse 31). I found the House.There you find nothing, too...that´s typical german. A lot of Germans have a little bit problems with this part of History.

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