Slovenian partisans

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Slovenian partisans

Post by AuItSl » 12 Jan 2023 03:45

Hi All,

I am new to the forum, so apologies in advance for any errors!

Question to any helpful folks out there - is it possible to search for 'official' partisan records pertaining to Slovenians? I am hoping to get service records (if such exist) of my Slovenian relative? He was serving in the Italian army (not sure which unit - will need to track this down), and following the collapse in 1943, made his way on foot to his village. In 1944 around Christmas, he was rounded up by the Germans and served in some Landserschutzen unit in Gorizia, before being 'captured by partisans - and serving the remainder of WW2 in a unit (I presume) in Slovenia.

I also am trying to track down WW1 service records of another Slovenian relative but believe many records have been lost - especially of those who served and were captured in Ukraine/Russia whilst under the A-H command. I have no unit details, or any other military information sadly.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated!

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