War Merit Cross?

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War Merit Cross?

Post by ijnfleetadmiral » 07 May 2023 01:07

I found a book on eBay titled The War Merit Cross 1. Class and Higher Grades by Dietrich Maerz. In the item description it mentions the following line:

"The two prototypes for the Knights Cross in Silver and Gold with Oakleaves, most likely made by C.E. Juncker, are presented for the first time."

Anyone have any idea what the author is talking about? TIA for any info on this.
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von thoma
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Re: War Merit Cross ?

Post by von thoma » 07 May 2023 05:17

Hello ;

As they are prototypes, it refers to some degrees with Oak Leaves that later did not prosper officially.
I guess he talks about these prototypes in the book Oddities section.

* ( There was one extra grade of the War Merit Cross, which was created at the suggestion of Albert Speer: The Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross in Gold (German: Goldenes Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuzes), but this was never officially placed on the list of national awards as it came about in late 1944 and there was no time to officially promulgate the award before the war ended ).
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