EK I, Otto Schickle, Pforzheim

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EK I, Otto Schickle, Pforzheim

Post by Atomictrooper » 03 Jun 2023 21:56

Hello forum,
I purchased this EK I at a militaria show today, and was looking for an expert opinion on it's overall condition and authenticity. I had a few people with some passing knowledge and experience with Iron Crosses eyeball it and say it looked OK. The makers mark on the pin appears to say L15, which was designated as being produced by Otto Schickle, Pforzheim. As I understand, this is a slightly rarer maker than what is commonly found.
Any additional information or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
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ronald Ek2
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Re: EK I, Otto Schickle, Pforzheim

Post by ronald Ek2 » 23 Nov 2023 22:34

aperantly no one answered this, i just saw it. and wanderd ; is this the so called austrian fake L15 from the seventies ?

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