Austrian Unit Organization 1938

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Austrian Unit Organization 1938

Post by Jim A. » 20 Jul 2023 23:20


Anyone have the manpower and equipment paper strengths (what is should be and not necessarily the reality) for Austrian divisions, Brigades and Regiments?


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Re: Austrian Unit Organization 1938

Post by gebhk » 21 Jul 2023 13:53

Hi JIm

You have no doubt checked out Leo Niehorster's site?

All I can offer is the Austrian infantry platoon courtesy of a (I think contemporaneous) French comparative study, the provenence of which I have long lost, alas.

The platoon consisted of:
Platoon command: Officer, 2 riflemen (?batman, ?runner, ?observer, etc)
3 sections, each: NCO section leader, LMG gunner and assistant, smg gunner, rifleman with scoped rifle, 6 riflemen.

For a total of one officer and 35 NCOs and men.

My best guess weapon's wise would be:
A pistol for the officer (as I understand it the Steyr 1907 was standard military issue, but in most armies officers were expected to own their own and therefore there would have been a variety of makes and models)
Three MP 34 for the smg-gunners
Three MG 30 for the LMG gunners
and Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 rifles for the rest

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Re: Austrian Unit Organization 1938

Post by Frech » 22 Jul 2023 05:34

The most detailed facts about Austrian Bundesheer, his manpower, organization and technical equipment you would find here: ... 3702802754

Here is the index: ... 9989706442



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