ruSHA uniforms and history question

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ruSHA uniforms and history question

Post by Jawol » 02 Sep 2023 20:11

Hello, I have done extensive reading but I still am confused on a few things;

1) did the ruSHA wear allgemeine shoulder boards , since they were not part of the waffen ss or SD? I have heard mixed things about allgemeine ss starting to wear military boards as the war went on, but others have said they were never authorized.

2) did they wear the “ reichsfuhrung” cuff title with an odal rune? Or just the odal rune/ just the reichsfuhrung title?

3) I have seen photos of them with blank collar tabs? Why? They were not part of the SD or RSHA , and they were part of allgemeine ss main offices so why don’t they have runes in some photos?

4) I’m assuming open collar tunics in field grey were the norm, but combat tunics were also used, is this accurate?

5) does anyone have a real uniform or know where to purchase one? ( ruSHA tunic)

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Re: ruSHA uniforms and history question

Post by WTW26 » 18 Sep 2023 14:45

1) Yes, they would have worn A-SS shoulder boards. I have seen pictures of a (supposedly) RuSHA field grey tunic with W-SS shoulder boards, but, even if real, it would have represented an exception and not the norm.

2) From the period photos I have seen (and I have seen a great deal), the Reichsführung-SS cuff title, though regulation, was relatively rare and the cuff titles of the various main offices continued to be worn. The Odal rune sleeve diamond would normally have been worn.

3) The runes were reserved for the Waffen-SS. The staff of all the main offices, and certain other SS offices, wore a blank collar tab.

4) RuSHA staff were mainly office workers, so it is safe to assume that most of them wore open-collared tunics, but standing-collar tunics may have been regulation in some cases (for example, a Fachführer attached to a combat unit).

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