remarks on Bela Kiss victiums.....

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remarks on Bela Kiss victiums.....

Post by LAstryAGAIN » 27 Sep 2023 23:49

Bela Kiss born 1877 occupation tinsmith also con-man/swindler/murder suspect...1903-1914
total number of estimated victiums 23 women 1 man
According to Hungarian Wikipedia {surnames given here english tranlation; Hungarian are reversed]
In 1916 in the following order these victiums were found:
#1Katalin Varga resturant Cook Missing 1914
#2 Julia Peschadik, occupation cook (His common law wife)
#3 "Jane Doe" apron initals "R.V"
#4 Esther Black (possible)
#5 Margit Tóth age 37 Hotel Cook (Vanished while trying a court case against Kiss after he swindled her) vanished 1906
#6 Katalin Kukan age 27
#7 Maria Händler age 16 occupation Hotel cook
Ref: ... atgyilkos)

Other accounts claim the following were Possible victiums?
Juliska Kenessei
Irma Faltányi {?}
Elizabeth Komeromi
Schmeidak a Widow from Budapest

Marie {his second wife) and her alleged lover Paul Bikari {both Vanished December 1912)

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Re: remarks on Bela Kiss victiums.....

Post by wm » 28 Sep 2023 00:23

24 people were murdered in a small town, and nobody cared, noticed anything? Strange.
Just a few disappearances should have whipped the locals into a frenzy.
They would kill known criminals first, then all the Jews.

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