Du kleiner Tambour, schlage ein

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Du kleiner Tambour, schlage ein

Post by Stravaiger » 28 Oct 2023 15:38

"Du kleiner Tambour, schlage ein"

....a favourite of mine....I like the colourful artwork...

I have seen the lyrics in a couple of SA 'liederbuch' that I own.....one of which mentions the name of 'Hans Buchner' below the title....but there is no name present on this songcard....

Du kleiner Tambour.jpg

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Re: Du kleiner Tambour, schlage ein

Post by Alarm_Uboat » 28 Oct 2023 16:17

Thank you so much for sharing. In fact, the lyrics of this song are often found in the songbooks of the NS. I know that it was recorded as part of a medley in Was der SA Mann singt and in Deutscher Kampf Im Lied but it is unknown if the full version was ever recorded.

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