Thanksgiving/Christmas North Korea 1950

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Thanksgiving/Christmas North Korea 1950

Post by COmentator » 08 Nov 2023 11:01

Contrary to a certain tasteless comedy of The Forgotten War was physicians going into combat dressed like santa Claus

The reality [reference only)

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Re: Thanksgiving/Christmas North Korea 1950

Post by wm » 08 Nov 2023 13:07

The company commander told us he had had no way of carrying anyone who fell out, and since anyone who did would either die in the snow or be killed by the enemy, he took a drastic step.
The first sergeant marched at the rear, and he was ordered to use his rifle sling as a whip. Any man who fell was lashed until he got up and kept going.
Twice we stopped at MP checkpoints and warmed ourselves at their fires. These two-man posts were one of the most dangerous jobs of all.
They were just two men alone in the night, usually with no other troops within miles. Those who did not build a fire were sometimes found frozen to death the next morning. Those who did build a fire were sometimes found shot to death the next morning beside the ashes of their fire.

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