Dresden Photos

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Davey Boy
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Re: Dresden Photos

Post by Davey Boy » 13 Jan 2014 08:56

Tough decisions had to be made to defeat Germany, which was up to some really nefarious stuff in the occupied territories, please don't forget that. Obviously, at the time someone saw the destruction of Dresden as a worthwhile initiative to help achieve final victory, and went ahead with it. Overall, the people making the decisions did a solid job, because Germany was defeated in a relatively short time, so I don't understand all this talk of the bombing being a war crime. It was part of a plan which simply had to succeed.

Germany could have always just surrendered, and it would've all stopped.

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Re: Dresden Photos

Post by Marcus » 13 Jan 2014 09:35

I don't know why this 11 years old opinion thread was revived but we don't like opinion posts so I'm locking it. If anyone has facts rather than opinions to add, please do so in one of the other threads on the Dresden bombings.


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