date of death SS men 2

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date of death SS men 2

Postby Manstein » 30 Aug 2003 01:39

Hi, I need the death dates of these SS officers, and here are my current profiles on them:

SS-Stubf/SS-Reichsfuehrer Heiden, Erhard (b. 1900? - d. after 1945) - Chief of the SS (1927-1929), survived the war, don't know fate from there and I am only estimating his birthdate from the few biographical details I have of him.

SS-Obstuf Joel, Guenther (b. 1903- d. after January 1951) - Legal adviser to the Ministry of Justice, also Himmler's liaison to the Justice Ministry. Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, 4 December 1947. Released January 1951, don't know what happened to him from there.

SS-Staf Lindow, Kurt (b. 1903 - d. after 1950) - Chief of the Russian POWs department in the Gestapo. Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment at the Darmstadt Trial in 1948, however, his sentence counted his internment, so he was released. In 1950, he testified at the trial of Heinrich Baab, but I think he was arrested afterwards. What happened to him from then on I have no idea.

SS-Unterstuf Loev, Lorenz (?- d. after 1941) - Head of Hans Frank's administrative office in Warsaw, sentenced to life imprisonment by SS judge Guenther Reinecke for corruption, specifically the black market selling of furs. Fate afterwards is unknown to me. I would also like a date of birth.

SS-Staf Mildner, Rudolf (1902 - d. after 1960) - Gestapo chief, Upper Silesia and Denmark, testified as a witness for the prosecution at Nuremberg. Released from custody, 1949, fled to Argentina and I believe he was alive around the time Eichmann was abducted, since Mildner seems to have met with him at some time or another.

SS-Obf Schaefer, Emanuel (b. 1900 - d. after 1945) - Security Police Chief, Belgrade, also commandanded an Einsatzgruppe during the invasion of Poland. I have no idea what happened to this butcher.

SS-Obf Schwarzenberger, Otto (1900 - d. after March 10, 1948) - Head of the Financial Office in the RKFVD. Sentenced to time served at RuSHA trial for membership in the SS. I don't know his fate from then on.

SS-Staf Sollmann, Max (1904 - d. after March 10, 1948) - Chief of the Lebensborn, sentenced to time served at RuSHA trial for membership in the SS. Same case as Schwarzenberger's.

Thanks in advance!

Phil Nix
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Postby Phil Nix » 31 Aug 2003 10:35

Dr Emanuel Schafer died 4.12.1974

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Re: date of death SS men 2

Postby K.Kocjancic » 31 Aug 2003 10:45

Manstein wrote:SS-Stubf/SS-Reichsfuehrer Heiden, Erhard (b. 1900? - d. after 1945) - Chief of the SS (1927-1929), survived the war, don't know fate from there and I am only estimating his birthdate from the few biographical details I have of him.

Emerson Begolly wrote:Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei
Karl August Hanke

Born: 24. August 1903 in Lauban / Schlesien,
Attended Volksschule, then Gymnasium,
Graduated from Deutsche Müllerschule in Dippoldiswalde while obtaining practical experience as apprentice in a railway workshop and in the milling industry,
Attended Berufspädagogischen Institut, Berlin,
Reichswehr service as Zeitfreiwilliger in IR 19 “von Courbiere”, Occupational instructor (1928 - 1931),
Entered NSDAP (102 606) on 1 November 1928,
Zellenobmann of NSDAP in 1929,
SA service (1929-1931),
NSDAP Unterstassenzellenleiter,
NSDAP Strassenzellenleiter in 1930,
Bezirksführer of Bezirk Westend (1931),
Gauorganisationsleiter in Berlin (1931),
Gauredner and Betriebszellenredner (1931),
Leiter of the Private Secretariat and Adjutant to Gauleiter Dr. Goebbels (1932),
Member of the Prussian Landtag on 24 April 1932,
Member of the Reichstag (Wahlkreis 3 [Potsdam II]) (6 November 1932-May 1945),
Hauptamtsleiter in the Reichspropagandaleitung of the NSDAP (1932),
Personal advisor and secretary of Dr. Joseph Goebbels (March 1933),
Joined SS(203 103) on 15 February 1934,
SS-Sturmbannführer (1 July 1934),
Führer z.b.V. SS-Abschnitt XXIII (1 July 1934-23 January 1935),
Assigned to Staff of the RF-SS (23 January 1935-29 April 1945),
SS-Obersturmbannführer (20 April 1935),
SS-Standartenführer (15 September 1935),
SS-Oberführer (20 April 1937),
2. Vizepräsident of the Reichskulturkammer (January 1937), Ministerialdirektor in the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (April 1937-February 1938),
Training with the Reichsheer (1 November 1937-1 December 1937), Member of the Lebensborn Society (1 December 1937),
Staatssekretär in the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (February 1938),
Heer service, assigned as volunteer to Panzer-Lehr-Regiment,
Panzerschütze (June 1939),
Führer of Kompanie in Rommel’s 7.Panzer-Division during Western Campaign (July 1939-1940),
Oberleutnant d.R. (1940),
SS-Brigadeführer (30 January 1941),
SS-Gruppenführer (20 April 1941),
Hauptmann d.R. (30 January 1942),
Gauleiter and Oberpräsident of Niederschlesien(February 1941-8 May 1945),
Reichsverteidigungskommissar of Gau Niederschlesien (16 November 1942-8 May 1945),
SS-Obergruppenführer (30 January 1944),
Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei (29 April 1945-8 May 1945),
Killed 8 June 1945, in vicinity of Neudorf in Sudetenland, by Czech partisans.

- Deutsche Olympia Ehrenzeichen 1. kl,
- Goldenes Parteiabzeichen,
- Deutsches Reiterabzeichen in Silber (1938),
- Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13 März 1938,
- Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1 Oktober 1938,
- Spange «Prager Burg»,
- EK-II (1940),
- EK-I (1940),
- Verwundeten Abzeichen in Schwarz,
- Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber (1940),
- Goldenes HJ Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaub (30 August 1941),
- Dienstauszeichnung d. NSDAP in Silber,
- Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen 25 jahr.
- KVK-II ohne Schwertern,
- KVK-I ohne Schwertern,
- Das Goldene Kreuz des Deutschen Ordens mit Schwertern (12 April 1945), as Gauleiter of Niederschlesien (for the defense of Festung Breslau),

* Son of the locomotive engineer Robert Hanke. One brother (killed in action).
* Religion: Protestant.
* Foreign language proficiency: French.
* Upon leasing a villa in Berlin-Grunewald for his headquarters in July 1932, Hanke commissioned the young architect Albert Speer to refurbish it. The two became friends, and Speer owed much of his success in the Third Reich to his connection with Hanke.
* Involved in an affair with Magda Goebbels, wife of his superior, the Reichsminister for Propaganda.
* Married on 25 November 1944 to Freda Freiin von Fircks (daughter of a wealthy landowner), who bore Hanke one daughter in December 1943 (Freiin von Fircks later remarried and took the name Rössler).
* While serving as commander of a Panzer IV during the campaign in France, Hanke single-handedly engaged and drove off a French tank column that had attacked the rear of 7.Panzer-Division. Rommel recommended Hanke for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, sending the citation directly to Hitler's headquarters. Shortly thereafter, however, Hanke offended Rommel by mentioning that as a State Secretary of the Propaganda Ministry, he technically outranked a "mere" Generalmajor. In response, Rommel sent an adjutant to intercept and quash the citation, an act of spite which caused great resentment among his troops.

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Postby David Thompson » 31 Aug 2003 21:03

Lindow, Kurt [SS-Sturmbannführer] – service, Reich Security Main Office Department IV A-1 of the German Secret State Police - Enemies of the Reich - Communists section (RSHA Amt IV A-1) {arrested on war crimes charges by West German authorities in 1950; charges apparently dismissed before trial (}

Schaefer (Schäfer), Dr. jur. Emanuel (20.4.1900-?) [SS-Oberfűhrer] -- NSDAP: 4659879; SS: 280018; commander, Action Group II (Einsatzgruppe II) (Polish campaign/ 10th Army area) 1939; commander, Action Command II (Einsatzkommando II) (Serbia); commander, Action Group "Serbia" (Einsatzgruppe "Serbien") 6 Jan 1942; service, Security Service (Sicherheitsdienst – SD) at Trieste; service, personal staff of the Reichsfuehrer SS; commander, German Security Police and Security Service Serbia (Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst - Sipo/SD Serbien) (on 9 Nov 1944); commander, German Security Police and Security Service (Sipo/SD) Berlin {convicted by a denazification tribunal and sentenced to 21 months imprisonment; put on trial by a Cologne County Court Oct 1952 for shooting hostages and partisans and the death van killings of 6000 Jews at Samjiste (Semlin) in 1942 (LT 7 Oct 1952:5d); convicted and sentenced to 6 1/2 years imprisonment 20 Jun 1953 (Field Men p. 102; ABR-Einsatzgruppen; Hitler's Justice p. 258; JuNSV Verfahren Lfd.Nr.362; LG Köln 530620 [24 Ks 1/52];; Dienstaltersliste der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP [9 Nov 1944]).}

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Postby Manstein » 01 Sep 2003 00:29

Thanks everyone!

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Re: date of death SS men 2

Postby paolosilv » 11 Nov 2010 08:14

Emanuel Schäfer (April 20, 1900 – December 4, 1974)
was an SS-Oberführer (Senior Colonel) and Reinhard Heydrich's protegee in Nazi Germany.
(SS) in September 1936.
Schäfer took part in the discussion in Berlin on September 21, 1939, with Heydrich, the bureau chiefs of the RSHA
(Reich Security Main Office), and Adolf Eichmann.[1]
During World War II, Schäfer was head of the Nazi security police in Serbia.
After the war, in Germany, he was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for having gassed to death 6,280 women and children.
[2] Emanuel Schäfer died in 1974 at age 74.

source: Wiki,de.

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