Marching orders for a Division HQ- 17th July 1940.

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Marching orders for a Division HQ- 17th July 1940.

Post by Bill Medland » 17 Mar 2002 19:39

Marschbefehl for an Inf.Div. stab (Headquarters company).
Sadly the unit is unknown, but I have the original convoy orders in front of me. Orders dated 15th July 1940.
On the 17th July 1940 the Divisonal HQ will convoy to Fulda.

Report 4:30a.m. Leave at 5:00a.m.
Badenweiler-Müllheim (10km)- Freiburg (40km) - Denzlingen-Ettenheim (75km) -Offenburg (100km)- Rastatt (150km) -Mühlburg- Karlsrue (175km) -Durlach (180km)- Brüchsal (200km) -Heidelberg (230km) -Weinheim (250km)- Darmstadt (290km) -Frankfurt (320km) -Hanau (345km) -gelnhausen (370km) -Schlüchtern (405km) -Fulda (440km).

Breaks 1. at 7:00a.m. Technical stop for 15 minutes at Ettenheim.
2. at 9:30a.m. in Karlsruhe for one hour.
3. at 12:00a.m. in Heidelberg for one and half hours (Lunchbreak).
4. at 3:00p.m. Technical stop for one hour in Darmstadt.
Arrival in Fulda 8:30p.m.
Order of march, as follows:
Auto Steyr WH-168106 Driver Gefr.Kunstmann, Feldw.Orleb, Sekr.Krinis and Uffz.Göring.

Auto Wanderer TH-46489 O.Feldw.Große, Driver Uffz.Jakobi, Major Schönheit and Hptf.Lauber.

M/cycle N.S.U. WH-110412 Gefr.Rossmann.

M/cycle N.S.U. WH-339457 Gefr.Pfundheller.

Auto Citroen Driver Gefr.Hochgräbe, Hptm.Büsse and Insp.Schulte.

Auto Ford Driver Gefr.Michaleck, Pfarrer Falk and Pfarrer Mons.

Auto Mercedes TH-43433 Driver Gefr.Naumann, Obltn.Schober and Ltn.Holland-Nerten.

Auto Adler WH-164573 Driver Obschtz.Platt, Stbzhlmstr.Goetsch, O.Zhlmstr.Hertner and Vet.Henning.

Truck Ford TH-83482 Driver Gefr.Reuschling and Guard Section.

Kombi Magirus WH-110857 Driver Obschtz.Renner and Uffz and troops.

Kombi Mercedes VH-69745 Driver Gefr.Kläs and 1b personel.

Kombi Ford IT-84044 Driver Oberschtz.MeyerII and Map section.

Truck Krupp WH-367117 Driver Gefr.Reh and Field Kitchen.

Truck Ford IM-259721 Driver Gefr.Siefert and Gefr.Becker.

Truck Citroen Driver Obschtz.Hohmann and Obschtz.Brehler.

Truck Ford WH-13434 Driver Gefr.Leithold and Gefr.Eschenbach.

Truck Mercedes TH-7905 Driver Obschtz.Binsack and Feldw.Hennenberg.

Truck Mercedes TH-99438 Driver Obschtz.Heil and Gefr.Schoele.

Truck Mercedes Im-77410 Driver Gefr.Rust and Gefr.Ritter.

Truck Ford WH-13765 Driver Gefr.Oertel and Gefr.Klemper.

Truck Büssing TH-22693 Driver Gefr.Wickel and Feldw.Mangerich.

M/cycle B.M.W. WH-142957 Gefr.Tuch and Ass.Arzt Eschner.

M/cycle N.S.U. WH-259189 Obschtz.Busch.

M/cycle N.S.U. WH-259980 Feldw.Krenzer.

Signed Schönheit, Major and Commander of HQ Company.

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Richard Murphy
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Post by Richard Murphy » 17 Mar 2002 23:19

Very interesting! Not a thing that you see every day.

Does anyone have anything on Schönheit? It may help identify the unit.

Regards from the Park,


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